Start your Google Shopping Campaign

Learn how to create Google Shopping campaigns like an expert with Entropy

Did you know that with Entropy you can create and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns without needing to be an expert in Google Ads?

Entropy is the platform that creates and optimizes your campaigns using Artificial Intelligence. Whether you want to increase your clicks, conversions, impressions or sales in your online store, Entropy will optimize your budget to achieve your goal.

Starting your campaign in Entropy is very easy!

  • Go to with your Entropy account or create an account.
  • In Settings > Integrations follow the instructions to add your Google Ads account and Merchant
    Center. If you do not have any of these accounts yet, we'll help you set them up.
  • Click on create new Google Shopping campaign.
  • Fill out the General Campaign Data form, you only need to select an objective, assign a budget, and
    that's it!
  • Enjoy your 30-day free trial!

Entropy will only take a few minutes to load all your products and create your campaign from the platform, without having to make changes to your Ads account.

Our algorithms will calculate the optimal Cost per Click of all your products for each schedule, device, location and audience, while increasing your sales.

If you need more information or have any questions about how to start, you can write us or schedule a call and we will solve all your doubts