How to use the conversion value in Google Ads to increase my sales

Learn about the benefits of having this information in Google Ads

In an earlier article we talked about how to choose the right algorithm for your Entropy campaign, whether your goal is to increase clicks, impressions, conversions or sales, Entropy will optimize your budget to reach your goal. However, to access some of these algorithms, it is necessary to have the conversion value record in your Ads account.

What is the conversion value and why is it important for my campaign?

According to Google Ads, a conversion is "a specific customer action that you have defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase or a phone call to your business".

This conversion record is what in Google Ads is known as Conversion Tracking and is necessary to measure the performance of your Entropy campaign or any campaign in Google Ads. In addition to knowing how many products your campaign sells through different channels, you'll also want to know what the value of the products you sold is.

This action is known as tracking the conversion value, and this information allows Entropy's algorithms to generate better results through Machine Learning technology and will allow you to measure the performance of your campaigns from Ads, as shown in the image.


You can check the Google Ads support page to learn how to set up this tracking. You can also write us or schedule a call with us to help you measure the performance of your campaign.