How to select a goal for my Entropy Google Shopping campaign?

Guide to select the ideal strategy for your Google Shopping campaign

At Entropy we know that each e-commerce is different, that's why we put different goals for your Google Shopping campaign at your fingertips:

Maximize Clicks

This algorithm is ideal to start if you have never run Google Shopping campaigns in your Ads account before. Entropy will bring as much traffic as possible to your online store and will use the data from generated clicks to optimize your campaign.

Maximize Impressions

If your goal is to appear in as many searches as possible, this algorithm is for you. Ideal for e-commerce that its main objective is to generate brand positioning.

Maximize Conversions

Use this option if your goal is for your customers to perform a specific action on your site, whether they make a purchase, register on your page, etc.

Note: To access this algorithm you need to configure the conversion action you want in Google Ads.

Maximize Revenue

If you want to generate the largest income possible with your budget, this algorithm will help you by promoting the products with the highest probability of purchase, increasing your sales.

Note: To use this algorithm correctly you will need to have the registration of the conversion value in Google Ads.

Do you still have questions?

If you still do not know which algorithm to use for your campaign or require help to record your conversions, do not worry! You can schedule a call with us and we will solve all your questions.